What happens if you take time off after a 14 day suspension?

Hey, I've recently been suspended for 14 days and I was wondering what would happen if I just stay away from the game for a while? Would the punishment drop down over that time back to not being at risk anymore or would I have to invest time into matches for the punishment to lower? All the boards I've read have mentioned the latter but not the former. If it is true that I need to play the game, then I will. However, if it's true that taking time off will put me, for lack of a better phrase, "in the clear", then I'd rather do that. It seems to me that all it will take is just one more bad game and everything is gone, and rather then risk it with any sort of report, true or otherwise, I'd like to stay away. Summary of this all being, if I came back say 2 months from now, would I be at the same risk as I would be playing right after the 14 days?
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