Why do you choose to let your community stay like this?

Riot. I&#039;ve played thousands of games of League of Legends. I&#039;ve come across all types of people. I&#039;ve come across the nicest of the nice players, although they are the small majority. I&#039;ve come across the overwhelming majority of players, too. The extremely toxic, easily offended, emotionally unstable, &quot;one more thing and I&#039;m running it down,&quot; bottom of the bottom players. I&#039;ve spent way more money and time than I should&#039;ve on this game, and that&#039;s exactly what you wanted. You could ban me right now, take all of my money and time that I&#039;ve spent over the years, and not be affected even a little, which is probably why you fail to do anything about the toxic majority of these players. The fact that I&#039;ve tried so hard to get through this game time and time again--- and the poisonous community that you&#039;ve amassed over the years--- and there&#039;s still nothing that&#039;s being done about these players is really troubling. You say you don&#039;t support toxicity, you say that you don&#039;t support the morbidly disrespectful remarks the community makes daily; however, in actuality, it&#039;s the single most prevalent disease plaguing the servers of League of Legends itself. The man that broke Twitch view counts for the longest time, who was known strictly for running it down, flaming his teammates, and being glorified for it. The man that was being considered, and is probably still being considered for streamer of the year. Myself, among many others, have started to play this game less and less. Every time I say, &quot;man, I really wanna play League right now,&quot; and get into a game, a game like the one I just got out of happens. In the toxic realm of low Plat, a Rakan support runs it down over and over and over, bypassing the 15 minute surrender mark by saying no, because the wonderful design of that system is that it doesn&#039;t work like the normal surrender system. Everyone voted yes, obviously except for the Rakan, and so we couldn&#039;t forfeit. Player(s) who are literally running it down mid, the person that wants to ruin the game for everyone, can just say no to the forfeit vote, and the rest of the team has to play it out for another 5 minutes. That doesn&#039;t make for a very healthy gaming environment in itself. However, let&#039;s get into why the Rakan started inting in the first place, and how the community, namely the enemy team, responded to it. I was a level 4 Ezreal, which is a decent spike. Rakan, by the summoner name <removed by moderation> and I were seemingly innocently playing out the lane, when we take an extremely good trade. We blow Cait&#039;s flash for my heal, and she&#039;s left with 30 or so health. Rakan backs off and proceeds to recall. I tell Rakan, &quot;hey, you shouldn&#039;t recall with how low they are, can you stay so we can keep the advantage?&quot; which was probably the nicest way I could&#039;ve gotten that same point across. So what does Rakan do? He flash ultimates in place, walks up to Janna, ignites, walks away and dies on purpose. I asked him why he did that, and he said, &quot;you tilt me,&quot; and proceeded to AFK for about a minute. After he AFK&#039;s, I try to play the lane out, but with Rakan&#039;s outburst, I realize that this game is probably over. Before you know it, Rakan is back from sitting in fountain for a minute or two, but this time he&#039;s mid lane. He proceeded to give the mid laner 3 kills after that encounter, and spam ping me for the rest of the game on cooldown. After every 6 pings, he would wait, and then continue spam pinging me. He then ran up top lane and started stealing the top lane&#039;s farm, and I believe he died once, not sure though. But that&#039;s negligible. I then proceeded to do what most people do in this event, possibly a bad idea, and communicate in /all chat. &quot;Hey, could anyone report Rakan for running it down mid and AFK&#039;ing?&quot; I thought that it was evident that Rakan was done with this game at level 4 and that he was ruining the game for the rest of his team, but it was apparent that he didn&#039;t make that clear enough for the enemy team, who was benefiting heavily off of the newfound gold income. The enemy Volibear said, &quot;4&quot; and I said, &quot;for running it straight down mid and AFKing, he&#039;s kinda ruining the game for the rest of his team.&quot; No response. I was like, okay, that&#039;s fine. I don&#039;t want to vent to all chat, I was just hoping they&#039;d acknowledge how frustrating this is when it happens to you. So then he starts flaming Jax and I in the regular team chat, and continues with the aforementioned spam pinging. So I vocalize my frustration in a peaceful way with /all chat one more time. &quot;He&#039;s just kind of flaming and spam pinging me now.&quot; To which I get the response from both Volibear and Evelynn, &quot;ok?&quot; and &quot;k?&quot; but that wasn&#039;t the worst part. Leblanc, in a seemingly sarcastic way says, &quot;just mute lol.&quot; As if &quot;JUST MUTE LOL 4Head&quot; is going to magically make Rakan stop flaming, spam pinging, intentionally feeding, flashing in place, or worst case scenario, get me out of that game. Of course the game ends, no one on the enemy team reports the Rakan, and that same scenario happens for what feels like the thousandth time. And that&#039;s why I finally came to the League Boards to ask you this question. Why do you let players like <removed by moderation> and the millions of others get away with stuff like this? Why do you condition the players to &quot;JUST MUTE LOL 4Head&quot; as if that magically makes everything better? As if it&#039;s our fault, and we should fix something that we&#039;re doing to make it better? Ignoring the problem does not get rid of the problem. Addressing the problem and putting an end to it does. Why are there probably countless other posts out there like this one that get no attention or change from the community or the staff here at Riot Games? I know this won&#039;t be taken seriously. I know I&#039;ll probably be copy pasta. I know I&#039;ll get trolled. I know it won&#039;t stop any of the trollers and flamers from being glorified. I know it&#039;s probably not concise enough for the board.

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