Attention Riot and Everyone: I am starting to truly hate this game.

This game is really starting to suck. I started three years ago and it was a great way for me to be able to play games with my friends as we move farther away form each other. It had interesting characters and gameplay, a cool community (it seemed) and a budding pro scene. But you know what? F*** THIS GAME! I only get to play once a week due to real life (yeah you heard of that you a**hat 13 year olds? Just wait! It's gonna sucker punch you in the face. Enjoy that!) so I'm not the best. But I try. I try to be patient. I have worked my way up to being comfortable doing normals and have even done some ranked 3v3s with my friends. BUT THE PEOPLE WHO PLAY THIS GAME NEED TO GO SOAK THEIR HEAD! If your team politely suggests we ff at 25 minutes b/c we are 22 to 38, Varus and Brand are fed, and Volibear is unkillable THEN FRICKING SURRENDER! It's a waste of EFFING TIME TO KEEP PLAYING!!!!! "But we can win!" Bullshit! Yeah if the enemy team suddenly becomes incompetent, and I can magically catch up in gold to buy another tank item or two then sure, we can win. BUT NOT FLIPPIN' LIKELY IS IT!?! If I am suggesting a surrender its because I only get to play once a week, and if we surrender now, we can be in a new game in the next ten minutes. BUT NO NOT YOU JACKHOLE! NONONO! You want to drag this one out to 50 GODDAMN MINUTES just 'cuz you "might" win?! Bullshit. And stop hiding behind the "Well you can just leave." You think I haven't thought of that genius? I'm surrendering to save precious time. Queue times aren't what they claim to be. If I surrender I hope to be in new game in 10 minutes. If I leave, then I get slapped with that 13 minutes our whatever penalty from Leavebuster, then add the ten minutes for finding the queue, someone dodging, finding a new one, going through the picks for some one to dodge again, etc. Seriously, took me 22 minutes to get into a Normal the other day. So with a leave buster penalty, queue times, I wont have saved any time from just playing the game. Which would be fine, EXCEPT I DONT HAVE TIME! I have work in the morning. I have to get my daughter to daycare. I have to make sure my pregnant wife with morning sickness is ready to go to work before me. Then I have to get home and make dinner, and all the other adult shit that you little prepubescent dillberries don't need to worry about. I have one evening a WEEK allotted to being able to play games these days. That's maybe two and half hours if I'm lucky. I do not HAVE the time to waste because you "don't want to surrender". Pathetic. SO HOW ABOUT EVERYONE IN THIS FRICKING GAME STOP WASTING MY GODDAMN TIME! There Ive ranted. Probably get reported but I stopped caring. I've put more time and money into this game than any other in the last five years and I am truly starting to hate all of you and this game.
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