Jungle Mains Are Saints

I've been playing Jungle a lot lately, partly because of positional match making, and partly because I want more control of the early game. Let me just say: WOW. How do we still have Jungle mains? Jungle is nerfed every few patches, people flame you because you kinda have to farm sometimes, and you can't camp all 3 lanes. Let me explain. I failed a gank in bot lane. It was definitely my fault, because I went in slightly too early, and my Morgana couldn't get there in time. So I died. I immediately went to farm my top jungle because I had to make up for the lost time. I started blue buff when I noticed both the mid laner and jungler weren't on the map, and pinged top and bot repeatedly, warning them. 4 enemies then show bot, in addition to my mid laner, and I'm getting spam pinged at this point. Assuming I could not get there in time, I gank top and try to help my top laner get tower. Because I play in low ELO, there is basically a standoff in bot lane with no kills for a solid 3 minutes. I'm still getting pinged, and my Morgana is hard flaming me. My top laner and I got both the kill, the tower, AND Herald. Meanwhile, my ADC, Support, and Mid Laner are flaming me and spam pinging me for not helping. There was only one death in bot lane and NO tower damage. After my top laner got Herald, I left him to split push top, and noticing the enemies going into the fog of war in my bot jungle with low health, I, as Twitch, decide to stealth into the jungle to stop their backs. I got a double. My top laner never dropped Herald like I expected to, but I didnt tell him to, so I didnt mind. Then, with almost 3k gold, no objectives on the map, and low health, I back. You would not BELIEVE the flame I got. By the end of the game, I got a quadra, and got a bit greedy chasing the last kill for the penta. My Morgana is hard flaming me for greeding. Admittedly, I was, but everyone greeds for the Penta. When I cannot catch the Lee Sin, I go back to the enemy base because I'm still pretty high HP and pick up another Quadra and win. I have over 20 kills and no one else on my team has more than 10. I had 29 total kills and assists and Morgana had 7. She's STILL flaming and threatens to report me. Of course, I defended myself the first time she flamed, and after the second time, I just ignored her, figuring it was useless. Tl;dr: You Jungle mains are amazing and have such thick skins. Thank you all for all the times you have carried my scrub ass in lane. Sorry to anyone who reads this til the end lol. EDIT: By the end of the game, most of my team changed its tune and congratulated me, and I got 3 honors. I'm assuming Morgana was the one who didn't honor.
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