Offer An Unmoderated Mode

It feels really stiffing to not be able to make jokes or criticize anyone. I'd rather take the flame than live in this box where almost anything can be taken as toxic. I realize some players are too sensitive to deal with the world without censorship and an overactive punishment system. That's fine. Let them play their game but give me a totally unmoderated chat mode as well. I'm not a 13 year old kid. I'm an adult and I can handle it. What I find way worse is not being able to discuss even strategy or to use arguments and logic without being in fear of a punishment. The chat is just useless. I can't even say "report our inter" when a player is 0/17 or "report our afk" if someone's been gone for 15 minutes. Yeah, maybe people would report anyway but it's just silly that even the most egregious offenses cannot be discussed. It's like having a big bear in the room eating all your chocolates and you just change the channel on the TV and tell yourself *he's not here*. I want to improve and I want to play with people who take competition seriously. I don't want to play with these low ELO high EGO types of players who can't handle any feedback and even find calls "toxic" because they don't want to be "bossed around." They can take their thin skins and emotional problems to a separate mode that doesn't let anyone say shit to them. That's fine by me. Just give the OPTION of an unmoderated full toxic chat experience. Still ban people for inting, punish afkers etc. but leave the chat for adults. Maybe you can have this mode require permission to use if you're afraid of kids dealing with it. It feels so childish right now to not be able to communicate anything but the most bland and positive statements. Again, keep your automated bot and whatever else you want, but LET ME HAVE MY GAME BACK! Let players express themselves and speak their mind.

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