league is so toxic that it makes me depressed

this has been going on for while but after these last 2 normal games i just feel like writing this. i used to love this game i used to play adc alot and loved it but after the new rune system was introduced it just feel like everyone does so much damage ok so this last game i play kogmaw with yuumi as my support against a lulu renekton which kinda tilted me already. seeing that i go 0/3 as the leesin proceeds to camp us and renekton just one shotting me i think w/e as my team was doing pretty well i get a few kills and end up with a score of 4/7 then the renekton and lulu starts to be threat around the map now the jungler starts blaming me calling me r%%%%%ed an inbred and shit i said i tried to do everything i could then my support who was playing fucking yuumi said its my fault that i sucked while she didnt have to do a goddamn thing playing with yuumi now that kinda pissed me off what im trying to say is why are people so goddamn toxic in a normal game i felt like total shit after that game im just gonna mute everybody from now on.
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