Regarding the most recent ban wave for unauthorized Third-Party Applications

Hey all — We are aware of the recent outcry regarding being banned for usage of unauthorized Third-Party Applications. We hear you and have reviewed the most recent actions. We were able to verify the concerns that the community has raised here on the forums as well as reports we received from the Player Support team that let us know something seemed off with the last ban wave. After a deep dive into the actions over the last few days, we were able to identify a mislabel in the system. This led to a few accounts being incorrectly identified as cheating. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused. What are we doing? If the account was incorrectly mislabeled, we will be unbanning the account — an email notice will be sent to the registered email address letting you know that the account was unbanned. As of this post, all accounts that were overturned have been unbanned and emails sent to their accounts.
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