Disable chat (Thread 29123479247 about this and riot ignores us)

Hello Riot, I am in love with your game but i am incapable of handling my temper when things go south, I have tried for the longest time, I have used autohotkey (a 3rd party solution) to disable my own ability to chat, but then every single game I have to manually mute everyone, on the other hand ive ran a script that types /mute all at the start of a game but then i can still type. I know this is hard for some of you to grasp since you NEVER get invested in a game and try your best and get very frustrated and angry when things go south, but let me tell you that this is a very big problem, not just for me but for everyone else. They get a tilted teammate that writes bad stuff, and i myself get suspended or banned. I think its honestly ridiculous you have to get a 3rd party solution for something as simple as a disable chat button, why has this not been implemented long ago? See i grew up with flaming in games, and nothing happened, it is whether you liek it or not, part of a competitive scene. But since you do not want people badmouthing, like were all children, then maybe help the tantrum throwing children (like myself) disable their ability to ruin everythign for themselves and others by writing mean words, since apparently that is the worst offense you can commit in this game. Personally i mute anyone whos tilting or just flame back, its always been this way in CSGO, and other games. But you insist on this not being allowed, I am ok with that, its your game. BUT PLEASE help us keep our account alive by allowing us to disable the chat WITHOUT 3rd party solutions! I am begging you this, and I wish your biggest concern wasnt the latest promotional skins and more about how people feel playing your game. From a financial standpoint I am no longer purchasing any skins because i am simply too dumb to shut my mouth, and im sure the same goes for alot of other people, because a permaban on an account with skins for 1000 bucks, isnt very nice to say the least. So for your wallets and the well being of both the angry people and the unfortunate ones to get in their way; ALLOW US TO DISABLE CHAT, JUST THE CHAT, NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. As a million dollar company, this shouldnt be much to ask, and very easily implemented, so PLEASE, listen to your audience just this once thanks {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} TLDR; Add an option to disable chat messages (ACTUAL MESSAGES, NOT PINGS, NOT GOLD AMOUNTS ETC, JUST MESSAGES) And if youre gonna reply, read the whole post over again incase you SOMEHOW didnt quite get it the first time around (Seems to be fairly common)
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