Why you should use Discord when in-game

Disclaimer: I do not work for Discord For the past year, I've been sending out Discord links to my teammates in lobby. One notable difference is the reduction of toxicity. Out of hundreds of calls that I've made, I've been flamed by exactly one person who joined my call, and this guy left the call and did it in-game. After I realized this, whenever I'm having a bad day, I send a link and mute everyone who doesn't join the call. My teammates in the call have been nothing but respectful and kind human beings. I don't know why this happens, but here are some guesses; 1. People who join the call actually want to communicate and win instead of being a flaming prick 2. It's much harder to be rude when you actually hear the other person's voice 3. Comments made on in-game chat can be interpreted; your tone of voice is much more sincere Use Discord, m'lad(ie)s.
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