Perm ban

Hello, 3 days ago I've got permamently banned. It was my first, old acc ~ 8 years old, actually in p2. Fun fact is I only tried to defend myself, because got an awesome team, who flamed me as a jungler for all their faults, refused to help etc. They were instantly flaming and blaming me whole game, but yeah who cares, let's ban a guy who just tried to explain them it's really not my fault. Even enemies were defending me and saying I did well and it's their fault. I don't think it's a reason to give perm ban to the old school player like me. Here i copy the only log which showed up in notification about a ban. Game 2178811026: LazyBee: stop complaining LazyBee: pfffffffffff LazyBee: rly LazyBee: im done LazyBee: THANKS BOT LazyBee: FCKIN MILION PINGS FOR HELP LazyBee: BUT WHO CARES LazyBee: how many times i wanted to do this drag? LazyBee: fck u LazyBee: moron [All]LazyBee: ye, cos of those morons [All]LazyBee: 5 ganks at top, irelia havent entered the fight even once [All]LazyBee: milion pings for dragon they refuse to move their assess [All]LazyBee: wtf? [All]LazyBee: what a tard LazyBee: u seems like LazyBee: jesus stfu LazyBee: moron LazyBee: give him more kills [All]LazyBee: lol those band of noobs flames me when this is all their fault wtf :D [All]LazyBee: they are worse than minions [All]LazyBee: irelia full hp, runs away ^^ LazyBee: from 3/0 to 4/5 LazyBee: talks LazyBee: wow LazyBee: yeah you? LazyBee: how to play with no team? LazyBee: wtf LazyBee: yeah u should LazyBee: minion [All]LazyBee: well irelia havent even entered when i came :D soo ;d [All]LazyBee: as i said, bot would be more usefull [All]LazyBee: do i look like i care? [All]LazyBee: with this band of flamers? [All]LazyBee: who cant even auto attack? LazyBee: am i? LazyBee: u fed rammus LazyBee: not me LazyBee: even if i ganked u were standing and watching same as irelia LazyBee: so rly stfu [All]LazyBee: just rep em all ^^ [All]LazyBee: fck flamers Is this really a reason to perm ban an acc? wow, cool. Nice logic, now I know why all of my friends stopped playing this game. I recently got banned for 2 weeks for same reason and similar chat log (it skipped the chat restriction). Probably i won't get unbanned, because nobody cares about players in here, so it's a good time to look after another game to waste some time ;) Don't try to defend yourself guys, because you will end the same like me. I can even bet the guys who flamed me are still playing. That's another cool thing. Just think about it Riot, what the hell are you doing to this game. (like for me, slowly killing it with actions like this). Ps. Well, you can always unblock my acc so we could forget about all of this crap ^^
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