Could a Rioter help me contact another player? I'd like to apologize for being a jerk to him.

Hey guys. Basically in a ranked game last night, I said some stuff to a guy on my team that no one should say. I didn't agree with his decisions in the game but that still gives me no reason to say the things I said. I was kind of expecting to log in today and see a chat restriction, but since I didn't get anything (it would have been my first offense, I'm never toxic) I feel like I need to contact the guy and apologize. I sent him a friend request in game, but he hasn't accepted yet. I'm an extremely competitive person and even though I get carried away sometimes, I've never flamed someone the way I did this guy and I feel terrible about it. I don't want to post his summoner name, but if there's a Rioter who would be able to help me contact him, I'd really like to say that I'm sorry. This isn't a post of me trying to cover myself in the event of a chat restriction or anything, in fact, if I get one I deserve it. It's just me trying to be the person I should have been all along. EDIT: I did some looking and I think I found them on Facebook. I sent them a message so hopefully they get back to me. I'll update when something happens. EDIT 2: Got in contact with someone on their friends list and explained the situation. He's going to contact them and let them know what's up. ** EDIT 3: _I found him! _** He said it was fine and accepted my apology and everything. A lot of people have commented saying that they can't believe this is even happening. It was something I felt I needed to do and I'm glad I was able to contact him and I feel a lot better, and if you're not going to contribute or help out then why even comment? **TL;DR:** said some really awful stuff to a teammate, felt bad about it and tried to contact them to apologize. Eventually found them and everything is okay.
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