Is this punishable?

Posting this for my friend since she doesnt frequent the boards much. She just got out of a game where someone on her team hovered Yasuo. He was close to last pick and nobody on their team was willing to pick him first to swap. My friend hates Yasuo and was worried theyd pick him on the enemy team so she banned him. Yasuo proceeded to harass her and ban her hover in return. She knows how to play multiple champs in her lane so she wasnt mad about that but Yasuo then said "I'm reporting you enjoy the ban and the loss" and proceeded to play a champ hes never played before and ran it down mid the first 6 minutes of the game, being 0/8 within 6 mins. They obviously lost the game and the Yasuo said in post game lobby to report he because she banned his intended pick. He guaranteed her that she will get banned for "targeted harassment". She doesnt use chat at all and muted him when the game began and didnt speak to him at all in pre or post game lobby. Is this bannable? Intentionally banning someone's hovered champ? She reported the Yasuo but shes worried about her account because shes been playing longer than me and has never gotten punishment before.
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