I got a 14 day suspension after 1 game (sorry for any bad English)

I was playing some Nexus Blitz, and joking with a TF, I havent ever gotten banned or suspended and I got it from 1 game, and in that game I even got 3 honores the things I said was: Game 1 Pre-Game Agrilan: same Agrilan: relateable In-Game Agrilan: 2 mid Agrilan: kys TF Agrilan: I cant R Agrilan: Im clean Agrilan: lmfao Agrilan: like them drifts Agrilan: Its rewind time Agrilan: If I control rewind Agrilan: I would want Agrilan: Fortnite and marass brownlee Agrilan: all m Agrilan: me Agrilan: ggwp Agrilan: nub TF Agrilan: %%%%%%%%%%% Post-Game Agrilan: nubs Agrilan: honored Agrilan: ezpz Agrilan: git gud screb Agrilan: pleb Agrilan: TF jengle Agrilan: noob Agrilan: ezpz Agrilan: new meta Rito please, this is my first ever punishment after playing 2 years, I didnt even get a chat restriction. PS: Will I get the next season rewards because this is preseason or not?
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