Banning my account for the pettiest reason. Can i report riot?

Game 1 In-Game Mismageius: at least they have a troll adc too Mismageius: hes go awful what are you talking about? Mismageius: i Mismageius: ok Mismageius: ok Mismageius: yes Mismageius: he is Mismageius: but your a hook magnet Mismageius: gg Mismageius: so stop walking into naut Mismageius: Report troll vei Mismageius: flames me for him walking straight into hooks Mismageius: your feeding Mismageius: vi your gunna make him cry Mismageius: next time dont troll and int Mismageius: report vei Mismageius: report him anyways Mismageius: gee i wonder why Mismageius: ive been 1v2 all game Mismageius: 28 cs in 11 mins Mismageius: naut nearly has more than you Mismageius: we are ffing right? Mismageius: you mega inted him Mismageius: 1v2 Mismageius: then stop letting them die to minions Mismageius: i dont Mismageius: you dont Mismageius: "i wont feed i promis" vei Mismageius: well he is right about one thing Mismageius: go ahead and end Mismageius: we arent stopping you Mismageius: Report vei Riot feels this is bannable because i get a troll adc who instanlty feeds and flames me because i take on cannon but feels that im the most toxic thing since tyler1. Ive played this game for the last 6 years and spent so much on it and they straight up ban me for the pettiest thing ive ever seen. My account doesnt even deserve chat restriciton but riot felt it was necessary to take my dangerous gang affiliated self off the streets of the rift. Riot go report yourself
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