There needs to be something extra we can do to report toxic players

I'm getting very tired of people trolling and throwing games. They die in the first few minutes of the game and they literally afk and troll for the rest of the game because they are mad. It's completely ruining the game. Why is flex so terrible? I play with 1 friend, and every single game we get teamed up with a party of 3 players, and it's always a coin flip: either the game is a complete waste of time, or it's not. These people collectively decided to throw the game. Our jungle afked, and the other 2 just ran at their team until we surrendered. And they won't get enough reports because the other team just doesn't care (for some reason...) and they are the majority of our team so they won't report each other. So here is what I'm asking: Is there another way I can report these people? Can I submit a replay to prove my claims and get these people removed from ranked play?
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