There's no point in playing this game anymore

Too many trolls and ebay accounts. My skill is about gold 1 - plat 4. Im 100% sure about it. Almost all of my friends who play like me are now gold 1-2 or plat 4 expect me. The moment i get near my skill-ceiling i start getting so many trolls and ebay accounts that im forced to derank again because my winrate drops cause i cant solo carry anymore. Last game my Zed said 100 times in the chat "I dont want to win this game" and start running it down in the enemy team. Then i played with a deranking plat guy near gold 1 that was trolling too. Walking in front of enemy and using emotes to die. Gold accounts cost 10 euro. Plat accounts cost 30-50 euro. I wanted to get plat 1 time in my life before i quit the game but i guess that won't happen. I give up. This senseless grind from gold 1 down to gold 4 and back to gold 1 is giving me cancer and i can spend my time actually having FUN in other games
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