Fair ban or not?

So I was playing Yuumi and this Senna was being toxic to me since champ select for no reason. He was calling me a r%%%%%, a fatass, and more weird shit. I was hardly being toxic and I dont think I deserve a ban. (Also he didnt get banned but I did. Kinda weird to be honest)+ On top of that I'm losing Victorious Aatrox for no reason (I think) Game 1 Pre-Game PentaTakumi: support PentaTakumi: ok so senna PentaTakumi: you're gonna do all work PentaTakumi: i dont even have senna PentaTakumi: dude PentaTakumi: cocaine? PentaTakumi: ok buddy In-Game PentaTakumi: joe mama PentaTakumi: I wasnt even saying anything wrong PentaTakumi: alkl i said was PentaTakumi: im doing my homework senna so you gotta play harder!! PentaTakumi: and then is aid PentaTakumi: uwu PentaTakumi: im PentaTakumi: dong PentaTakumi: everything PentaTakumi: why PentaTakumi: im not PentaTakumi: i am PentaTakumi: this is my first time PentaTakumi: my boyfriend is letting me play PentaTakumi: please chill PentaTakumi: we can win PentaTakumi: trust me PentaTakumi: uwu PentaTakumi: join discord PentaTakumi: we can talk this out PentaTakumi: ok PentaTakumi: my %%%% very thight acc PentaTakumi: u dont fuck anything PentaTakumi: apart from your hands PentaTakumi: ok PentaTakumi: you were useless anyways PentaTakumi: ur most useful camping the base PentaTakumi: ok PentaTakumi: full crit yuumi PentaTakumi: 1v1ing adc? PentaTakumi: Senan toxic PentaTakumi: thanks rock man! PentaTakumi: african wifi PentaTakumi: my boyfriend has full consent PentaTakumi: so its not rape PentaTakumi: damn arz12375 PentaTakumi: you're really mad PentaTakumi: sucks to not being sucked hahah noob PentaTakumi: senna PentaTakumi: you got discord PentaTakumi: ? PentaTakumi: i wanna coach u for free PentaTakumi: shut up 12 yrs PentaTakumi: AHAHA PentaTakumi: wait PentaTakumi: what PentaTakumi: Ah PentaTakumi: thats a free ban PentaTakumi: oopsiess PentaTakumi: cuz you do know thats a free ban right PentaTakumi: My veseels were no fit PentaTakumi: z PentaTakumi: uo know PentaTakumi: boomer PentaTakumi: isnt a b PentaTakumi: bad PentaTakumi: tbing PentaTakumi: right PentaTakumi: HAHAHA PentaTakumi: THIS IDIOT Post-Game PentaTakumi: No? PentaTakumi: I don't even have Senna PentaTakumi: Why would I want to play her? PentaTakumi: I even told you that "I dont want senna" PentaTakumi: and you told me PentaTakumi: "Fuck off" PentaTakumi: Oh my god the victim card PentaTakumi: Its funny how I did more damage than you PentaTakumi: victim. PentaTakumi: THE VICTIM CARD PentaTakumi: IS INSANE PentaTakumi: i said join discord lets talk this over PentaTakumi: because you were inting us PentaTakumi: for no absolute reason PentaTakumi: and you were telling me to shut up PentaTakumi: You're like 12 dude PentaTakumi: lmfao PentaTakumi: yeah yeah PentaTakumi: have fun with the ban PentaTakumi: its coming in 2-3 days PentaTakumi: no, you're gettina ban. Do you guys this is a fair ban? Also, I was acting like a girl so he would stop inting cause I assumed he's a lonely virgin but it didn't work. Also he was starting to act like a victim in the end to the enemy team
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