Justice, how I love it

Hi guys, I been playing a few LoL games tonight, and won almost every one, except tha last one. In the last one, I got autofilled into ADC, I asked if anyone wants to change, but noone would. So I just picked Sivir, and wanted to play really def and let my team handle things. But my WIFI (who is a whore) said otherwise. I got like 7/8 random disconnects for like 3-10 sec. And the enemy Twitch got fed out of me. I had no chance of comming back, and I was totally useless, so I decided to go tank. That way, I could be atleast somehow usefull. We had enought dmg in team anyways. But my 2 teammates were harrasing me the whole game, and stopped focusing on the game. Tried to ignore them, and they still continued. Asked them what I should be doing different, and I got just more insulted. After the game, I just reported them, and OH BOY, was it fast. The players has been punished notification, twice. I love this.
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