Permanent banned should be a last resort thing. Hear me out.

I am a pretty good player when it comes to behavior. Give people a gj nj all the time. Help people out. But the two days I am feeling really bad at the world, I get the worst possible punishment? So, I started out with a 14 day ban. I was like “ okay I deserved to be banned for 14 days, that’s correct. Then a month later I was having a bad game and a bad day so boom!! Banned permanently?! After my second time being toxic I am perms banned? The years and money wasted... so much money on skins. I’m not saying I shouldn’t of been banned, but I do not agree on the perma banned. Yes... I called someone the f word and told them to kill theirselves. When did we become so hurt to words in a video game? Words do hurt and smack talk does hurt. I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that, specially with guys, we can be rude and crude. But cmon.... it’s a video game. I have never received a chat restriction banned in my life. And before I quit league and came back I was extremely, like extremely toxic, I was never banned or chat restricted. This was 3 years back. I’m just saying all the hard work, money and dedication to be perma banned. Riot acts like I told the person I will find him, rape him and kill his family? Words hurt.... so let’s get banned for it and teach us a lesson. Month at most.... but not forever... forever a long time. Give me a chat restriction, hell give me a warning.... but don’t perma banned my account... Iā€™m always a friendly person in game... but we all lose our stuff sometimes. Give me another chance..
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