You should be punished if you play ranked drunk

Alcohol intoxication - Wikipedia
Symptoms of alcohol intoxication include euphoria, flushed skin, and decreased social inhibition at lower doses,[citation needed ] with larger doses producing progressively severe impairments of balance,[citation needed ] and decision-making ability[citation needed ] as well as nausea or vomiting from alcohol's disruptive effect on the semicircular canals of the inner ear and chemical irritation of the gastric mucosa.[citation needed ]
If you are in ANY state of inebriation weather legal or not, you shouldn't be playing ranked. Playing drunk, by definition is GRIEFING. "drunkenness among other names, is a physiological condition that may result in psychological alterations of consciousness." Countless games of league have been lost because, "Well I'm drunk man" the only thing I see is, I'm intentionally playing at a lower level because I think it's fun. I would like to win and find my skill cap.This has been ruing my ranked experience for many seasons. I wish riot would weigh in on a topic such as this.
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