Need other league players input in an unbiased manner.

Riot deleted my last post of this without justification so I will post this again. Riot - If you feel the need to delete this thread, adhere to your own terms of service and notify me for the reasoning or have your legal team contact me directly to explain. Besides that, What would you do if you're playing adc (Lucian) with a Lux support against a Jhin/Vel. We started the game off right with the lux standing at the tower insteading helping leash for the jungler. Not gaining vision or positioning, just standing afk at tower. Upon getting to lane late and losing 3 melee minions, I get there and lux is spamming her lvl 1 E at the waves instead of poking while vel is spamming hers at me. I asked her politely to stop hitting the wave. She continued to do this through the third wave forcing me to b from taking endless poke while they just zoned me off. Push comes to shove, this continues for the first 10 minutes of the game and I got absolutely tired of it. I started to flame this player after asking nicely. I was a plat player the prior 2 seasons and now I'm in silver elo (took 8 afks in promos to get brought back down to elo hell). Was a support main but can play all roles at a gold 1 level. ADC/Supp being ones i was playing in plat. I continued to hard flame this player because she kept doing it after the team started flaming me for being down 60 cs at 18 minutes or so. They don't realize an aggro lane like that you can't farm as a medium range while your own support is just screwing waves not allowing for last hitting and not poking opposing lane while they are free aggro. Team ended up flaming me for being so far behind and why this Jhin was ahead so i flamed right back at them. Explaining time and time again to watch this lux's play. So here is my question to my fellow league players on what I should have done. 1) Ignore this players behavior, end up losing the game from it being a 3v5 since both myself and lux would be useless, putting me in a position to be reported for intentional feeding which wouldn't have been the case but the automated system would record it as such giving me a ban. 2) Afk out so my time is not wasted and i wouldn't have flamed this lux. I also would have been reported for leaving the game. 3) Flame this player since asking nicely wasn't doing it. (This got me a 10game chat restriction which i feel is unjust). 4) Do nothing and keep playing which puts me in violation of terms of inting as being so far behind as a lucian with no support means i couldn't even farm safely under tower. (Team refused to buy vision as well. I was behind yet the only one trying to keep vision) 5) Do nothing and report this player at the end of the game for something that is not reportable. This player trolls like no other and is in no violation costing other players 20-30 minutes of their day and riot refuses to punish players like this forcing people like myself to get fed up and take it into our own hands. Again Riot, If you feel the need to be embarrassed about how your poor matchmaking MMR system is along with not wanting your audience to see how you appeal to the masses and not addressing this trolling issue I need your legal team to contact me. If this is taken down i will put it right back up as this is in no way shape or form a violation of your terms of service as i just read it top to bottom twice to make sure my last one wasn't at fault for it getting deleted.
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