One week suspension because of my name

So my summoner name was ''Stalinist ADC'' and i had a technichal issue with league so contacted riot to see what could have went wrong. In the mail he gave me the solution and then told me that i had to change my summoner name without any expanation( note that i didn't get any reports, usually people didn't care about my name just the rioter did). So i changed it to ''Marxist ADC'' and contacted him to know why my name had to be changed. He told me that it was linked to stalin's regime and that stuff so i though ''well i knew this was going to come''. But he also told me that i had to change my new name ''Marxist ADC'' and the reason is that ''está relacionado con ideologías de dominación metal de la sociedad capitalista''. Transtaled would be that it's ''linked with metal domination ideologies of the capitalist society''. I was like ''What even is this reason'' and decided to go back to my old name(since no one reported me for it i though it was safe, i couldn't get a ban if no one reported me). And again asked for reasons. No reasons were given and i got a week suspension.
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