I am toxic. A lot of people are toxic. But, riot... we are still customers.

I think riot should group use toxic folk into a pool so that we get matched with each other. THEN let us curse and flame to our hearts content instead of applying this filthy sensitive social standard on us! For those of us that are in this pool of toxic people we should no longer have our speech restricted. Every game I force myself to be a good boy it feels unnatural. It's like I'm slowly being lobotomized. Give me and my toxic brothers (and sisters) our freedom while simultaneously removing our interaction with the fairies that can't handle us. You make everyone happy this way. I'm sure most of the player base doesn't want to deal with people like me and I don't want to deal with them, but I do want to keep playing the game and buying skins. You can check my purchase history, I spend a good amount on this game. Recently I have forced myself to resist urges to buy any rp because I feel like my toxic nature might get me banned and it'll be a waste of money. Let us toxic customers play our own way and we will continue to throw money at you. Obviously, you can still watch out for things like racism, threats and extreme cases like that. But for the most part let us be free.
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