What is your honor level, and how did you get there?

For me personally, I am honor level 3 at check point 1 towards 4. It took me about 3-4 months to get. I got there by only typing things that help the team, which is little as I usually communicate through pings. I also like to do emotes a lot to raise the morale of my team, especially if they do a good play. I do admit, sometimes I do say something back to someone just being ignorant about the situation and blaming me, but it'll only be a one time thing every few games. So if someone is saying "oh I can't do anything, you didn't gank my lane" I'd type "I can't gank a lane that is dead within 10 seconds of arriving in lane" and just leave it at that. It's important not to get into a flame war but I think it's fine to share your 2 cents on why you think the game is the way it is. So, what honor level are you and how have you gotten it?
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