I'm starting to get really sick at the notion of "jungle diff"

I play jungle a good portion of the time I play League, and it seems like literally every game someone blames the entire outcome of the game OR their lane on "jungle diff." It requires no thought to type and it's become a mindset that people who can't admit they lost lane use every game to blame their "shit team" for the loss. Refusing to admit you lost lane doesn't make you a better player, and it will probably lose you games because junglers are sick of being blamed for 100% of lane losses and will just want to leave the game. Let me give you an example of some times "jungle diff" is NOT the cause for the enemy jungler helping more or you losing lane 1v1, instead these are some times a "brain cell diff" on your end caused your loss: 1) You repeatedly shove lane into the enemy tower then get punished by an enemy gank. No shit your jungle doesn't want to towerdive, and no shit the enemy jungler is ganking you more than your own when you open yourself up for a quick death. 2) Your enemy laner counterpicked you/ you just lost lane 1v1. Not the jungle's fault. You lost. Fair and square. Sure, a jungler can help alleviate counterpick pressure but their path isn't always in your direction when a gank is open and sometimes you're getting smashed so hard a gank would result in a double kill. 3) Your jungler fails to get dragons (what an outrage), except the enemy team has more map pressure. When your team is losing, the enemy team gets more map pressure. Junglers can't ninja dragons without the enemy bot and mid collapsing on them very often if they have more map control. Remember dragons and barons are TEAM objectives, and you can't send off a single jungler to reliably collect TEAM objectives alone against an entire enemy TEAM. 4) Your opponent is a hypermobile character and you are playing a 3 move speed no mobility character. Look, I try to gank everyone I possibly can, but I also try to look at how useful I will be at certain parts of the map at once. For mid in particular, when there is a character like {{champion:7}} or {{champion:105}} with multiple low cooldown dashes who can just leave instantly, ganks aren't going to succeed very often. It's better to help other lanes that are more reliable kills than sit and try to gank Barry Allen over and over. Sure, I'll help when I can and a path is open, but you are an easy kill and their opponent isn't, which makes ganking very hard. Yes, good junglers can decide games. Good players in any role can decide games. It is true that the jungle is the role that impacts all other roles early game, but you can't blame each and every loss on your jungler. Sometimes your jungler is bad or misplays or just isn't playing well that day, sure, but that happens in every lane. If you spam "jungle diff" every game you lose, stop being an asshole and look at your own playstyle before you start being a dick to your teammates.
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