Thoughts on getting banned from the boards Where to begin? I guess with how I got banned. One day I was playing top and got stomped by a Yasuo, again. Unlike all the other times, it was late at night, the game was a dumpster fire, every lane was fed. When Yasuo dashed up to me and 3 shot me right before the game ended I lost it. Thoughts were swirling through me head, "How could a champ like this even exist?" "What kind of sociopath would design something so disgusting?" "And who in their right mind would go about playing them?" I took to the boards, went to the gameplay section and wrote a scathing rant about how Yasuo, it's players, and it's creators were all terrible people. Every word, every letter typed with uncontrollable rage and after finishing my two paragraph long rant I posted it, and then waited. The next day early in the morning I checked on my work, I went through every comment, friend and foe on the subject alike, insulted them for not agreeing with me, or insulted them for not agreeing with me on the levels that I felt. I decided one post wasn't enough, so I made a second, though more organized it was the same hateful writing I did the first time. Then I got a comment that said "Dude, you need to de-stress before you get banned". Arrogantly, I thought "Ha! I'm just telling the truth and it scares him." Hours later, I got a message in my alerts, I had never received a lesson in my alerts before, clicked it, and found out I was hit with a 3 day ban. At first I was confused, what did I do that was so bad? I'm just voicing my opinion. Then I read back through what the moderators sent me, I said some horrible things, things I regret. My ban was just. What did I learn? You may be thinking "Blah, blah, blah cool story bro, what's the point?" Simple, _never_ post while tilted, you'll just write something that will get you in trouble and you'll regret later. Learn from my experience so you don't have to. To anyone I insulted during those two days, I'm sorry. I'm probably going to get torn apart on here for apologizing since its "for the weak" or whatever, but it needs to be said. Learn from my mistake so you don't have to.
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