So is everything report wise automated?

Hello, I just started playing LoL a few days ago because some friends finally convinced me to play it. My big question is how the report system works. I've been chat restricted twice now due to other people reporting me, the thing I am confused about is that in both of the games that I was penalized I was repeatedly harassed in chat by people who used inappropriate language, attempted to have other people report me from the other team after the match, and spent the whole match telling me that they got their other accounts banned for "Telling people just like me how shit they are" so naturally I reported them as well. I guess my big question is how frequently does this happen and does anyone actually review anything? If someone is spending the entire match slewing hate speech and sends a report, does it not check what the person reporting others said? So far I've yet to have more than 1 other new player at a time in this game its all people who have remade accounts, and considering its not even ranked play I'm shocked to see how toxic everyone is. I see a lot of posts that say "Just mute them" but honestly? I go into games letting people know I am new, and asking for any advice. In a game that boasts how big and popular it is you expect new players not to try to communicate because of toxic behavior? In that case there is no winning, you're boxed into two options. Try to explain you're doing your best, and ask for help - Potentially getting muted for engaging in toxic behavior, or Mute everyone to save yourself that trouble. I'm sure people will say its an exaggeration, but at least in my experience its not. I am currently level 19 and there has been a grand total of 4 games where it wasn't complete toxicity from at least half the team. This is by far the worst gaming community I've run into and it seems like Riot just pretends to care. Update ; Thanks everyone who responded. I feel like a have a much better understanding of the system now, and am relieved to hear that I do not need to defend myself to the enemy team nor to my own. My big concern was never really the chat ban but that the automated banning system would lead me to a perm ban over "Griefing" which I have learned is not that case and isnt really something I should worry about. A lot of people have asked me to post my chat logs from games, but both of the game restrictions were completed already, if anyone can inform me how to pull them up post time served that would be helpful. The messages used to pop up when I'd open the launcher if I logged out and logged back in, but after I finished the last restriction they don't show anymore. (Sorry for the late response as I had to work today) Thanks again!
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