Perma Banned?

After just coming off of a 14-day ban that I deserved I get hit with a perma ban for this? There was no derogatory comments, no griefing, no anything. Yes, I swore, but that isn't grounds to perma ban an account in my eyes. Game 1 MackMack: you guys mind reporting Rengar? MackMack: Thats pretty fucking garbage MackMack: Rengar picked first and took our jg's pick and offered to trade, and then refused to trade MackMack: Good thing i cliped the chat MackMack: trolls MackMack: all g, hope you like losing MackMack: open top MackMack: 3 trolls on this team MackMack: they voted no MackMack: mid and bot are queued together MackMack: lulu, just report all 3 of them MackMack: griefing bud MackMack: you are all queued together MackMack: Yea i did MackMack: yet im still doing better than you MackMack: rumble, you try to stop my back ever again and i will make you end this game with 15 deaths MackMack: Warwick, you live top now? MackMack: im sure MackMack: 10 more Rumble MackMack: dive MackMack: sup MackMack: youre worth money again boi MackMack: 4 of you? Really? MackMack: Can we fucking group? MackMack: i just want the Rumble MackMack: youre 0/2 MackMack: do you not understand what group means? MackMack: lol MF MackMack: lol took you long enough MackMack: gg ez Help me out here? I was trying to reform and got nailed with this? MackMack
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