Permanently banned for no reason (no previous warnings or suspensions)

Hello there all. I've been playing League for about 3 years now and it has become my go-to competitive game for quite a while. I've never made a post in the community boards (though I have read a lot of threads here). However, after what has just happened, I felt I needed to post in order to try and get some answers. I went to log into my account this morning and got a notification that it has been permanently banned and that an email with more information had been sent to my email. I have received no such email and do not understand why I have been banned. To pre-answer some questions, I have never received either a warning or a suspension before. I am not usually toxic (but let's all admit we have the occasion game where we are). Usually I am just talkative and try to be fun with my team/the opponents. I had high honors with the old system and don't use any 3rd party software to cheat. I am worried that this may have happened due to previous opponent threatening to "dox" my account, as I do not know of any reason for Riot to suspend me. If there is a reason, please explain to me so that I can understand why I have been permanently banned. I really believe that I do not deserve to be banned and I would love to continue playing league. But if this suspension stands, I don't know if I can start over again with a new account. The amount of skins (not a lot, but still) and particularly the experience with my champs after 3 years would be so disheartening to try and rebuild. Please, if anyone can help me understand or give me tips on what to do, I would really appreciate it. *EDIT:* Yes, I have created a support ticket. Hoping I hear back from them soon... **UPDATE 1:** Due to what you have been saying, I went back and checked my account out. The email listed is still mine. I also changed my password and the email notifying me went to the correct account. So I at least know that I can still get into my account and now that I've changed the password others probably can't get in. Still don't know what the issue is though. **UPDATE 2:** Riot has recently posted below to let me know that this was a protective ban to prevent my account from being compromised. Thank you for the post mod. Looks like I just need to wait for my ticket to be answered. Sucks that I've missed on playing for (at least) 2 days. But hopefully they respond soon and I can get back to it. Thank you again to everyone who posted here. It's really great to know that there is a solid community outside of the game as well as inside.

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