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so i was recently perma banned form my account after playing for 2 and a half years. i know i wont get Unbanned bc riot doesnt do that but i wanted to list why i do understand why i have been banned. i have said things in the past which are terrible and things i regret saying but i NEVER went out of my way to be rude to people it was just either people were being rude to me or they just wouldnt listen to me and i got frustrated and yh i have said bad things but i dont deserve the perma ban. i have been given three games to prove my perma ban and i would like to review them now. the purpose of making this is to highlight a problem i always found with the ban system. Game 1 this game was the most recent game i played before being Permanently banned. i played poorly this game in my lane and i lost my lane in kills there akali was up 2 when the first thing happened. our udyr was being kinda toxic before this happened and when i ask for ganks bc i was loosing he would just ignore me he wasn't playing great as well he was 0 2 at the time if i remember anyways he was coming with me to top to gank the akali but he left just when i got there and i died so i said "U fucking baited me" and "ur reported fuck off" yes i get this IS bad and not a good thing to say but i was just angry at my poor play and i just got frustrated at the game but one incidence doesn't warrant a perma ban imo not to mention he was also flaming me at this time as well later he is in top tri bush and we are looking for a gank and he doesn't come the tower was almost destroyed so we could of destroyed it in a very simple play but he was just sitting there so i said "dont gank me then" BC i didnt want him to just sit there and do nothing so i decided that ill just play safer and do some damage limitation . then there is another play bot side where my team are tower diving onto their team they have 4 bot which isnt a very good idea but my team did it anyway. it resulted in 4 kills for the enemy team and then i said "why are u tower diving 4" which i personally feel is a very legitimate response and then i got flamed by are talon and our udyr. i recall the talon saying fuck off irelia which is what i did earlier but in more justafiable circumstances and the udyr started flaming me and my kd so i said ur 0 4 and ur feeding and ur didnt help me even when the akali was not under her tower once again i don't feel what i said was hurtful. then the talon says he won his lane in farm with no ganks so he didn't see my problem firstly i won in farm and secondly i was new to irelia and i am pretty sure akali is a bad match up for her anyway then i get more flame from my team which i have only defended myself from most of the game then they get caught and the flame starts up again which i would like to mention you don't get to see in the ban report he then says irelia cost us the game when we lost a team fight when udyr was picked of early on the talon now starts talking to me bc i went onto their back-line bc i felt i could kill them bc they were low which would of got us a triple kill. i then have to defend myself and i say "you always blame me how moronic" i then say "i was going for the three people who were low" to a reply of why so i said so i could get them moron. i then relize that im getting angry and in hopes i dont make the mistakes i made in late July i say im so fucking done with this team blaming everything on me all mute im split top. i then muted them and i calmed down and felt better there was then a play near dragon which i tped into bc i still wanted to win. we win this play which is great so its fine but then they get a pick on the lulu i believe and its a game loss then the talon said and i quote to the best of my ability because riot doesn't show the full chat log so i think he said "this team is fucking cancer report this flaming top lane" so then i said you call me toxic yet the whole game you and udyr flame me and u just called us cancer which i feel is a very appropriate response, so now were in post game and after talon said report irelia i decided to say "didnt int only said anything when my team where flaming me" "and you said we were cancer and im toxic" then talon said i said they were fucking garbage which i didnt say at all i later noticed that that they were premade as well so its clearer why they defended eachover bc their friends. also udyr has a very innaporiate name but i think you are not allowed to say players names so i will not be saying it in summary i felt like i was being attacked by udyr and talon and i dont believe i deserved the perma ban Game 2 so game 2 now and you will notice i explain the situation a bit less because i cant remember this game as well bc it was yesterday and i played 5-6 more games after that. ok so i said to vlad what are u doing vlad bc vlad was dyting alot away from his tower i then say pls stop dying bc he was the main person in the lead the carry of the game and he was throwing the lead i then stick up for another player bc vlad says he is feeding when vlad had 7 deaths i then say if we teamfight we win as a way to deter people from getting picked then vlad goes in 1 v 2 and died so i say why do u go in he then flames me and then jax and vlad go in a 2 v 4 and die and i say ur literallly trolling bc going in a 2 v4 is trolling basically and then there flaming me bc i lsot my lane which i did but i was dove by the yasuo and yi and i couldnt do anything which i stated he then fights again and dies so he says top fed so we losoe and i say mid won the game bc he was constantly picked of which got there akali fed. this game i felt that i did nothing wrong i asked them nicely and was being nice but they jsut ignored me so i got angry i didnt swear at them i was hjsut saying stop so this game in my opinon is no where near ban worthy Game 3 game 3 time now so we have a xerarth who died BC he is fighting people when low which is risky. then our fiddle went in with no vision. the whole team was getting frustrated at xerath bc he wasn't pinging which led to the Diana roaming a lot and getting kills so when she cam top twice i said For fuck sake BC he wasn't pinging i then say tf mid so we can group and protect our carries so we do but then our bot disconnect so i ask when they reconnect where they went BC we were winning and now they disconnected so we have lost baron and possibly the game so i then am not happy that my team have afked so i said sorry i dont want people to disconnect in my game then the graves started to flame me bc i was annoyed about this so i say i did nothing and then the game came to the final team fight where i had 500 health so i tried to back then i was flamed by my team bc i tried to get away with 500 health so i say i was trying to get away. post game lobby comes around and then i am being flamed for the last play i call the lucian stupid bc he expects me to basically int into a nasus and tristana which i ddint want to do. then they say they are gping to report me bc i asked why they disconnected which i dont see ow i am toxic there. this game in my opinon in now way i am being toxic and i feel that this should be reconsidered so there is my side of the story. the problem here in my opinon is that the review system doesnt seem to take into account context which is a pretty important fact it also doesnt show the whole chat log which means that it looks worse than it is. as jayce says I fight for a brighter tomorrow and i guess my tomorrow wont have league in it. thanks for reading if u have please give me feedback or if you disagree please let me know if riot does see this please contact me as i feel that i have done very little wrong in this case thanks for reading this psot again!. i will leave you with something the ban report ends with which i find very hyporitical "everyone deserves respect on tr Rift" but im not in that everyone group it seems
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