reported the same guy over a period of 2 weeks for the same in game aram: staying under turret while team fights then going in 1 vs 3+ enemies to feed and get a luck kill or assist doing so clear and intentional feeding even if the guy says nothing... but every report they give me the same copy paste bs answer and i still get paired with the guy few days later and that is the worst of all the trolls and afkers ive met in aram over the last month.. and riot does nothing about wtvr not gettig my hopes up for the other reports and wont get much hope for decent games in that mode anymore, like the others i guess all troll and bot program infested yes they still win some games thz to easy and hard carry...but it's way unfair for those people who have to put in extra effort because of one fkin jerk there is no excuses for not letting us have the option not be paired with/vs people we blocked in non ranked queues.... if we want longer wait time for better quality games it's OUR CHOICE AND RITO NEED TO GIVE US THE OPTION TO DO SO! bring back tribunal if it's too much effort for ya riot... BECAUSE DEALING WITH SUCH PLAYERS YOU TAKE NO ACTION AGAINST IS TOO MUCH EFFORT FOR US! im done reporting and im done trying my best im just gonna hang around in games like a good troll u want me to be gg wp riot
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