Telling Me On Karthus to "kys in the enemy team"

is apparently 2-week ban worthy even when it's coming from my duo. dumb as hell bot determining what's right or wrong. let people play the game and mute if they don't like it. what is this censorship and thought control? people shouldn't have to worry so much about stupid shit they type in a video game. most people who play league are actually adults and now it feels like the chat is beyond worthless, it's actually a pit of danger for anything slightly outside of what could be automated phrases. it's a fast paced competitive game and the only people who aren't emotional are the ones who don't care and aren't taking it seriously. treating adults this way feels awful and you already have a chat filter anyway. who the hell is so offended by words when they can mute instantly anyway and they probably won't see that player ever again outside of that 30 minutes? it's so dumb to have such trigger words in a competitive game like that's what REALLY matters and what truly ruins games, not the afks, trolls, inters and passive aggressive griefers taking your camps because you pushed their lane while they were dead etc. Oh no, it's the person who typed 3 letters to his friend! That's the problem guys. It's just a copout to scapegoat this type of shit when it doesn't even actually matter except to super oversensitive people who make a big stink about it and then ruin the game for everyone else by putting even full grown adults on these leashes... which btw are probably shorter than for dogs.
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