Would We Possibly Talk About the Edition of a "avoid player" feature?

Hey friends, I know we have all been there. Someone get mad and run down your lane? Someone threaten you to come to your house and kill your family? How about the classic Vayne or Draven player who dies one time, types "gg", and leaves the game? I know I have. And its bound to happen, you report the player and hope that your next game goes a bit better. Till low and behold, There they are again waiting to make your next game just as miserable as the last. The report button dosent always work as we have realized and 9 times out of 10 the player goes unpunished. I've seen higher elo players be intentionally inted just because of who they are. And thats no fun for anyone. If only there was a solution? Oh yeah, the avoid player button! By adding this additon to the game you could effictevly avoid these types of players causing a negative experience in your games and even though there is a slim chance the lower elo you are that you will encounter that same player again, it happens. Now I know what your thinking, "I Love Daddy this can never work!." Well did you think they would add a early surrender timer or remake option? Exactly. Now I know you are going to run into problems. And believe me, im not a game designer for Riot Games. * Higher queue times * People abusing the system for reasons unrelated to toxcicity * Just a general hate of a player However, I know these kinds of things can be ironed out over time. I know Overwatch had a similar feature that worked as intended. However, It did cause people to avoid a one specific Widow player and caused ingame problems for him. Thats the kind of abuse I would say that should be worked to avoid. Again, just an idea of mine that could potentially benifit the game in very positive ways by cutting back on the ammount of times off negative encounters, sniping players, and intentional feeding on specific players. I hope to hear feedback from you all. Thanks!
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