Ganged up on because I tried helping my team

Played Veigar against Zed mid right, so you might be thinking "Why?" I was the one who picked first so, no options there REALLY, but still, I do pretty poorly in lane, as should be expected, because, y'know, zed's early game, and then my team starts flaming me (because I said stuff about playing safe early) I only died 3 times in lane, and they were all under tower deaths, literally, the entire time I was under tower 70% health or more, and I get killed by zed, so my team starts yelling at me for not playing safe, and then yells at me for losing to a lane that COUNTERS veigar, and statistically as a player, I have a hard time against Zed, because he ruins your damage output and forces you to buy a defensive item first (as well as zones you away from farm because of his virtually infinite poke) when people tell me stuff about how to counter Zed, I try it, it never works for me, I can't play safe against zed players, his skillshots are easy to land, he has a swap place with his W, which also fires copies of his skillshots, and makes the range longer, and on top of that he has an ult that makes him untargetable and we all know what it does. Personally, I was doing bad, I felt bad about myself doing bad, but then my team starts flaming me and tells the enemy team to REPORT me, because I did bad, WTF is the reasoning and why would you tell a teamate shit when it will affect their gameplay (MOST OF THE TIME) in a negative fashion. we ended up winning, but this still made me extremely tilted, because I was already fully aware I wasn't going to do to hot, and I pretty much told my team that.

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