Someone logged into my account and got me banned for scripting.

Hello summoners, It seems to me as if I just line up here, because there are a few people with similar problems in the last week : . but I still decided to do a post myself. About 5 days ago my account was "hacked" by someone. When I logged in to my League account 5 days ago I noticed that my name was changed from LausbubJoe to Wo Chi Bao Le and I was kicked out because someone else logged in to my account. I then wrote a support ticket and changed my password. In the hope that it was done with it I changed my name again and played another ARAM. That was the last thing I did on my account. The next day when I wanted to log in I was banned because of "scripting". In the last few days I've been writing back and forth with the support where they said "our team has investigated your case thoroughly", "we don't have interest to keep players apart from their accounts for no reason" and that they won't give my account back to me. They don't seem to be able to give you more information, which is a bit frustrating. Shouldn't they be able to see a second IP adress log in to my account at the same time as me? Anyway, I have this account for 7 years, have spent over 100 ā‚¬, have not been banned, have tried to report people who deserve to be banned and generally have no interest in scripting. I try to be safe on the internet and I only used this password for my league account. Well, as noted above, I'm not the only one with this problem, which I don't think is a coincidence. Are there maybe people who got their account back after something like that or have other interesting information about this topic? Sorry for my english, i'm from germany (seems to be a decent excuse) have a nice day, Laubub Joe
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