I just got perma banned

I need help. I know I'm not in a good position just from the title alone but I've tried so hard to improve and I mostly have. I got mad sometimes yes, I've sworn yes, but not directly to anybody. I didn't swear to any person but the worst I've done is call someone a fool. I kept getting notifications that my account status improved but suddenly I got reported and banned over a match where someone kept flaming me and I called him a fool. I really dont want to lose this account I've worked extremely hard and bought many skins as well as spent a lot of time working to level up my champions mastery. I even have prestige kda akali and it has major sentimental value to me because I got it on Christmas day. So I beg any of you reading this, please tell me what I can do to get it back because I regret every decision I've made that led me to this point and I don't know what will happen to me if I can't get the account back. Thank you for your time.

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