Can we please introduce a minimal limit of games played on a champion before playing him in rankeds?

Pretty much what the title says. I think there should be some, albeit very soft limit for an each champion to be able to be played in ranked. E.g. you would have to play 5 or 10 games in normals in order to play the champion in rankeds. I'm really sick of all those idiots, who just want to "try out" Xerath and pick him into Fizz mid. Or Rengars, not knowing what their abilities do. You have harsh rules on toxicity in order to protect player experience. But how is someone feeding (talking 1/11 or 0/9 here) on a champion he never played just because he selfishly wanted to try it out with no regard to his team a good player experience? The only thing this brings me is frustration and I believe there are milions of other players who feel the same way. But I fully expect no reaction from your side (Riot), since you are hypocrites. You switftly punish in game chat toxicity, because you are afraid of either players leaving or backlash from parents, social groups, press, etc. Which would really hurt your revenues, right? It is precisely this reason you will never introduce what I'm suggesting. Because you don't want to anger all those morons, which is large part of the community, which do not give a shit about their team mates and just pick whatever the fuck they want. Hey, it's Fizz mid? Let's try Xerath for the first time ever, I'm sure I will carry! Oh, we have Khazix jungle, and no tanks, but fuck tanks, there are no cool youtube montages with tanks, tanks are overrated, let's try Riven top with Electrocute as BoxBox did it recently... it was so easy, he was killing everyone! Hey, they have Ivern jungle and Lulu support.. perfect time to pick my 44% win rate Zed, because I watched LLStylish and he was "styling" on people. Seriously, I'm sick of that. Half of the games are decided in the damn champ select, but god forbid you tell somebody to fuck off for being a selfish bastard, now you are reported and your chat will be restricted. But the feeding Xerath? Well he hits that Que again and fucks up another player's game. Penalty free.

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