Is it a bad thing I get mad at my parents for disturbing me when playing?

So like my parents ask me to do a lot of things when I’m playing league and essentially playing league is my only break time as I have summer classes and summer swimming which both take a lot of time out of my day so I’m pretty tired and stuff after doing them. Whenever I’m about to play league I always tell my parents that I will be playing for awhile and I keep telling them not to call me/disturb me while I’m playing as I want to just relax and have some alone time. They also insist I do the same after they are done working and I give them all the time and space they need to rest but they don’t give me the same respect when I want it. For example I’d be playing a game of league and as u know playing one game takes a lot of determination and attention and they’d call me to do stuff like fill our dogs food and water which in fact they can do it themselves because literally the dog stuff is near the couch and they usually spend their time there so they could like move a little bit and just do the dog stuff themself like why must I get off my game to do something they are too lazy to do themselves? They ask me stuff like get them a water bottle get them some food like come on they are near the things they want to do. Eventually I just started ignoring my parents requests as I find it disrespectful that they don’t acknowledge my leisure time and tonight I just snapped they kept calling me and calling me and I just yelled “LISTEN IM TRYING TO PLAY A GAME LEAVE ME A LONE AND RESPECT MY TIME” so yea stuff like that :P Am I in the wrong for not getting off my games to do their requests, ik they do a lot for me since you know they are my parents and all but it really frustrates me that I have to be called a lot when I want some alone or gaming time and for other ppl who have this issue I wish to know on how u handle stuff like this.
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