Perma Ban Inquiry

Hello Moderators, I am seeking a way to consult with tier 2 support technicians who might actually review the conditions or validity of my permanent ban. I am a business professional who plays this game from time to time with family and I have repeatedly been targeted by pre-made groups with negative attitudes who collude to report me at the end of the game. When I was younger I played competitive FPS games and so I regularly communicate via chat to my team and apparently they think this is offensive? They are always cursing at me or baiting me into fighting in chat. I recently became aware of the reporting tier system and each time i've been reported I feel that it was an abuse of the reporting system by other players who are equally if not more liable for their negative behavior. I didn't come here to argue just to seek resolution I have a level 42 with items i've earned through regulary play and I really enjoy League of Legends I do not see why I was banned without any actual review of the content. I always give 110% to every game even when my team attacks me in chat. All I want is to be able to play with family I don't think this was a valid "perma ban".
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