one for all: this one champ will make at least 1 person in your team go full rage.

6 times so far did i see him... 5 times on enemy team, one time on my team... {{champion:20}} 6/6 games he lost. 6/6 games 1 person left the game or went afk in fountain and insulted the person who voted for nunu. why is this champ not disabled. its a piece of shit. seriously. if you wanna tilt at least 1 person 100%. pick nunu in one for all. its such a boring shit pick. but its fun to see when it happens how at least one person literally goes on a rampage rage spree that should be an insta permaban. ps: out of those 6 nunu games, i got 2 feedbacks about my report. legit more than i did the last 3 months. i will ban nunu from now on because its not fun. i'd rather play as or against 5 trundles. but every nunu game is just a pure ragefest. and i dont like it.
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