why is the vision score something we are able to see?

i remember back in season 3 i saw quite a lot of threads saying riot should show the win/lose record of the teammates in champ select so you can "dodge trolls". which riot answered in the correct way by saying this is stupid as it doesnt say anything and only creates more toxicity. someone losing 8 games in a row could still be the person to go 24/0 next game and carry your entire team. so why is it that vision score is a thing now? i play ranked in low elo and its QUITE COMMON by now that i see someone say "omfg look at xy, 0 wards placed in XX min, such a fucking troll". i have never EVER seen anyone mention anything about vision score other than to blame their own teammates. so yeah i really dont get the point of it. btw i hope player behavior is the correct forum for this. i wasnt sure if PB or gameplay. edit: zpoopz gave me an answer so im happy. now this thread can be used for whatever you wish :D

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