Riot Support does nothing to help players

I was recently perma banned for apparent unsportsmanlike behavior and engaged in conversation with the riot supp team via a ticket. Over the course of the ticket conversations the supp team did nothing to explain or consider my side of the issue, they simply kept repeating what the others previously said and followed the systems will without question. I believe the intense Perma banning manor is in order to cause summoners to have to invest into a new account which they would ideally spend more money to receive all the champions and skins they had previously had. I also believe that in the off chance you do get punished, you get placed into que with other punished players causing you to fall further and further into being punished. I will provide pictures of the chat logs i was apparently in violation of the summoner code, as well as the logs of the supp team and my conversations. Id like the community and others who have had un-just punishments to be the judge of riots "helpful" supp team and "just" punishment system chat logs in question for perma banning (will admit the first game is partially toxic) Game 1 RAW94Webz: stay in your lane karam RAW94Webz: malz is most brain dead champ jc RAW94Webz: congrats? RAW94Webz: flash ult? RAW94Webz: so fed RAW94Webz: yea this game is trashed RAW94Webz: gj top RAW94Webz: report this supp plz RAW94Webz: stop toaming wheb you can do nothing RAW94Webz: your adc was ahead and youre letting her lose RAW94Webz: plz report top for int RAW94Webz: lal! RAW94Webz: my lane got lost when our supp decided to get caught out RAW94Webz: nice kill secure momo RAW94Webz: lmao RAW94Webz: tpp tilted to do anything...guess this is what eello hell is RAW94Webz: report karma for int and toxic RAW94Webz: gang plank dying?!?! RAW94Webz: big suprise RAW94Webz: report gp afk RAW94Webz: how does it feel to win lane cause of my own supp? RAW94Webz: lmao RAW94Webz: plz end RAW94Webz: good thing the tank has all the kills RAW94Webz: yea trisst listen to the mumu that takes kills RAW94Webz: because he is purposly doing htis RAW94Webz: oh yea gp is still afk koo RAW94Webz: open mid RAW94Webz: lmao RAW94Webz: Report gp Game 2 RAW94Webz: yup vayne is cancer aids RAW94Webz: fuking hate that champ RAW94Webz: both RAW94Webz: sounds good RAW94Webz: kill raka first always RAW94Webz: gj RAW94Webz: games over RAW94Webz: fed assains RAW94Webz: jc RAW94Webz: love being always counter picked when im adc RAW94Webz: raka q till procs off my shiled RAW94Webz: l,mao complete counter bot lane RAW94Webz: so done RAW94Webz: have you seen our top lane? RAW94Webz: 12/1 RAW94Webz: there is no late game RAW94Webz: vayne is way ahead now RAW94Webz: lmao RAW94Webz: vayne completly counters sivir soooooooooo hared RAW94Webz: love being first pick RAW94Webz: sivir out ranges vayne??? RAW94Webz: lmao RAW94Webz: so fed RAW94Webz: plz report top RAW94Webz: lma! RAW94Webz: if i didnt always have to perma RAW94Webz: ban draven RAW94Webz: i would always ban that op fuking adc RAW94Webz: were dead if vayne came RAW94Webz: fuk eya RAW94Webz: games been over RAW94Webz: plz end RAW94Webz: i RAW94Webz: bad RAW94Webz: no way we can RAW94Webz: farm lanes RAW94Webz: such ridic champ lmao RAW94Webz: legit the only champs sivir cannot beat is vayne kalista and twitch RAW94Webz: and of course you pick vayne after twitch was already banned RAW94Webz: fuk yea RAW94Webz: its funny that raka counters sivir too RAW94Webz: full counter is the best games RAW94Webz: yea you right lol RAW94Webz: Gg RAW94Webz: plz end RAW94WEBZ November 7th 2017, 6:23:37 pm I was recently banned for a period of 14-days for apparent toxic behavior via the chat logs, which i can admit i did get frustrated by the players. once un-banned i played a total of 2 games in which these games were used against me to perma ban me. First off how does my first banning come to a 14-day ban? Second, which leads to a perma ban directly after? Which from the first game chat logs i was toxic, but in all honesty the second game was nowhere near toxic, i did not flame or single out any of my teammates while my team was flaming me on contrary. This report system is so flawed in the sense that the toxic players are able to single out non toxic players and have them be punished. I just ask for a review of the entire "game 2" chat log between me and my teammates and riot make a judgment based on the games conversation as a whole. GUNNY November 9th 2017, 7:26:12 pm Hey there, my name is Gunny, I took a look into this offense and can see that you consistently argued with other players, which did nothing but detract the focus of the chat system from the game at hand. This kind of behavior is definitely not something that we want to consistently see. Your account was only suspended following your behavior after a final warning was given during its two week suspension, and I will not be lifting this suspension and it will not be lifted under any circumstance. Please feel free to let me know any other questions or concerns that you may have. Gunny Riot Games Player Support May all your hits be crits and all your fails be tales! RAW94WEBZ November 11th 2017, 2:47:25 pm Youre not even looking into the chat log as a whole, youre restating what the insta feedback system would be saying with the clams of toxicity. The game 2 chat log had no argument at all within the text, i was talking with my team or the enemy team about my opinion on an enemy champion or of the actions of my team, which no where in the summoner code is that considered toxic or re portable behavior. I have been playing this game for many years and have never been punished in any ways until this year, The report system is flawed on so many levels and the support provided does nothing to alleviate these problems as you, the support team, blindly follow what your flawed system has passed as judgment. it is understandable because if you did not do this then it would make it so you, as a support team, would actually have to but some type of thought into each case which im sure the majority would be overturned. I do not except this unthoughtful response in anyway, as there is no legitimate thought placed into your response or even any reference to the chat logs which would back your claims. The only way which i will except these claims is if a more fit response is givin, other than that this banning is most likely due to the greed of riot which would most likely want me to create another account in an effort to re unlock all the champions and skins, as well as mastery levels i have worked so very hard to unlock over the years i have put into this account. Feel free to send another generic response which i will respond in kind with a request at another possible more thoughtful support team member. OPTI November 12th 2017, 8:20:18 pm Hi there, Opti in for Gunny who is out of the office. I've taken a moment to go over your ticket and account to get caught up. This action was only taken after several warnings to improve your behavior via a chat restriction and a two week suspension. Seeing as negativity continued despite these warnings, appropriate action took place on your account. I went over the chat logs on both sides but I will say at the end of the day you're responsible for what you're saying in chat and not what others do. While I get that there was another player in the game creating a bad and negative experience initially, that's never an excuse to be negative back. Sportsmanship in League is very important and something we take very seriously. While we do encourage players to reform through the varying degrees of punishment, we do remove players who continuously create negative experiences for other players. I know this isn't what you were looking to hear, but if you have any other questions or concerns please let me know. RAW94WEBZ November 13th 2017, 10:28:52 pm seeing as you have taken the liberty to submit my ticket as "solved" shows that in no way anyone in the riot games support team has any intention of seeking any other type of solution besides this perma ban via the flawed system riot forces you to blindly follow. Also how can a perma ban be warranted after i have played this game for years with no punishment, then all of a sudden i receive two (2) warnings via a chat restriction and an initial banning, both being within reason and i admit that. Yet this perma banning is in no way warranted, i did not engage in any racial sexual or any other abusive language to either team, these being the biggest problems outlined in the summoner code. My "continued" negativity can hardly be describe as such as over the course of the roughly 5-6 years i have had this account i venture to say that only as of late is the only time i have ever been reported, yes of course the report system was implemented in the past 2 years or so, but i have not been sucked into the highly toxic nature of this game in the previous years. But as i was saying over the course of the 6 year life span of my account i do not believe something which has happened over the course of a month be the deciding factor of a life or death sentence. I have also noticed from other players which i am friends with accounts going through the same problems with this report system which can be defined as a slippery slope. what i mean is that as soon as punishment is given out, the account slips further and further into more negative and toxic situations which in turn leads to being reported in increasing amount by truly toxic players trolling others. I can only assume that through the system players of equivalent "honor" ranks are placed in matches together which you the support team then proceeds to give them the ban hammer. I appreciate the apparent thought of you being a potential new set of eyes on my case but i can say that you have not given anymore of a thoughtful response as "Gunny" had previously. THE 0RPHAN November 14th 2017, 4:39:53 pm Hey there, Any time an agent replies to a ticket, the system automatically changes the status as 'solved'. Sorry for the misunderstanding there. You are free to reply to tickets even when set to solved. Because you recently were banned for 2 weeks, our system was looking to your account for immediate consistent reform. The games we audited showed us that reform did not happen. You chose to continue to behave in a negative manner in games over the past 30 days which escalated you up our disciplinary ladder- while I understand your point of the account slipping into this slope of punishments, you had the power to mute negative players and ignore them and not use chat to argue back or add onto the negativity others started. A 2 week ban is a final warning that any future negativity would lead to a permanent ban. That said, good behavior over the course of the many years you play doesn't excuse negative behavior, even if by comparison is just a handful. Let me know if you have any other questions, otherwise I'll be closing this out. RAW94WEBZ November 15th 2017, 2:26:16 pm on the mute feature, i have considered doing such, but i have been apart of games which players have seemingly done this, but in doing so they would mute the entire team or simply not reply to any chat in general. doing this would lead to a loss the majority of the time, as the player would not try and cooperate with the team or be able to "hear" pings. And in terms of reform, i still do not know what you mean by that as in my "game 2" i still believe i was in violation of the summoner code, as i did not curse at, use racism, or any other type of hate speech towards a player. In terms of "non-reform" speaking to the enemy team in a way to "tilt" them or throw them off their game is even encouraged via pre game load screen tips. Informing a team member to not assist me is not abusive, while them continually "assisting" me when the assistance is neither needed nor requested in my opinion is toxic/trolling nature. This all come back to what i initially said with the toxic/trolling players reporting others in order to have them incur punishment through the flawed report system. If your only suggestion for this kind of problem is to mute said players, i will gladly implement this strategy and fall further down the ladder of ranks, if you would kindly remove the punishment applied to my account. I am also curious to why my ticket is so special as to receive 3 different support team member's replies over the course of the only 3 responses issued? THE 0RPHAN November 15th 2017, 4:58:10 pm Hey again, Different agents will pick up a ticket if the previous agent was not available to reply to you. Often I've found is a player is misusing chat to be negative, they won't have anything beneficial to say for the rest of the match. I would not be removing this suspension, and I understand you simply don't agree your behavior in these games were negative. However they do show unsportsmanlike behavior for the reasons we've stated. Using chat to argue with others and pin blame on teammates isn't positive behavior. Chat is there to be a positive force for your team and give information where pings fall short. Chat is not there to berate, argue, or blame others. If other players are misusing chat, then it stands to reason to save yourself any headaches or distraction from the game at hand, you mute them! As you have no new concerns and we have explained all we can about this issue, I will be closing this ticket out.
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