So just curious about suspension poliicies.

Why is it that players are allowed to troll you all they want, refuse to help in team fights, intentionally get you killed, call you stupid, harass you with pings, and so on and so forth, and that is all fine. When you report them, nothing happens. Your report gets flagged as a false positive so that your next reports are taken less seriously. The troll gets to go on trolling and destroying game after game without punishment. But god forbid if you say anything back to them in retaliation, boom, instant ban for you. No warnings. No "everyone is allowed to have a bad game" leniency. Just an instant suspension. Why is that exactly? Oh, and I have noticed this effect is intensified with Asian players. I have noticed that when the system identifies players as Asian, the system allows these players to get away with anything they want. It's like reverse racism. Asian players are allowed to be the most toxic pieces of trash on earth and they will never receive a punishment of any kind. Have you noticed this?
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