"Excuses" to Feed, Encounters.

This post is about on what was the most "interesting" reason on why someone fed, your thoughts about it, and how did it end. Here's one. Was playing an Aram match and during the loading screen our Kled took the longest to load in and made everyone wait about 10 minutes or more. And after all that he did disconnect at the start. Our Xayah wasn't having any of that and decided to feed because of someone making her wait that long. (Even though Kled had no control of his bad connection). After a few deaths, Xayah left, and Kled then reconnected. He was very nice and positive and apology for him disconnecting due to his power going out. Xayah then came back but only to taunt and feed some more and left again, even though we had all 5 members back. We lost, and we reported Xayah for intentional feeding. I've seen people feed or give up for having bad internet connection that it makes them unable to play, but to feed for someone else having a bad connection was just plain dumb. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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