Idea (maybe effective) for the playerbase to have less ragequitters, throwers, feeders, and afk-ers.

tl;dr overhaul the punishment system, (which i already think is pretty damn good) into one with _**much greater**_ impact to stop trolls, intentional feeders, casual players in ranked, and afk'ers (INCLUDING THOSE WHO **_KNOW_** THEY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO PLAY A MATCH AND DISCONNECT) There are WAY too many people in this community that queues up a game either being tilted, not willing to win, or just know they don't have enough time on there hands to finish a game. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= It always sucks to win an invade, or get a huge lead first 10 min, but people say "gotta go" "sorry" "this won't happen again". Even that last part, "this wont happen again" doesn't make sense. Possible solutions to these problems is just to overhaul the punishment system. Re-create all these punishments to the extreme. It only takes 1 person that losses the game and gets 4 others tilted. Make punishments soooo harsh to the point where the lovely players can enjoy the league experience and the trolls hate punishment system where they would just quit league. Even though these bad boys will quit league if the consequences are too extreme, it really benefits the community. -The entire playerbase would have less intentional feeders. -People would no longer make smurfs just to troll. -Even though the playerbase might go down by a bit, the playerbase would be much better. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I would be great if you guys experiencing what I am could spread this word and GIVE IDEAS OF NEW PUNISHMENTS!! Besides, Riot, I always see advertisements about introducing new players into League Of Legends. Wouldn't it suck to see them experiencing the madness of these trolls and have them quit the game after 1 experience?? Thanks guys. EDIT 1: heres a reddit post! lets spread the word!
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