Psychology in action

I just got 14 day banned again, and feel like im closer to another banned account. I have had 2 accounts banned from this frustrating game. The level of frustration compared to other games where you can leave to escape the frustration is what makes others so sensitive to trash talk. I'm going to dive deep into this so strap in. I used to play StarCraft 2 back in the day, trash talked ALOT, and i mean really bad slurs and things that would not allow me to be a public figure kinda stuff. It was a healthy stress release that made you feel superior to the other play. Now you get used to getting trash talked equally, if you can't take it don't dish it, its a game. Now these are 2 very different games, you can leave at any time during a SC2 game. Compare that to a league game. If you have a bad game, you cant just leave, you are stuck there with you're allies "?" pinging you, and telling you how crap you are at the game. In sc2, you can come back, but in league, the games are pretty well predetermined 2-4 players get fed and depending on how good the players are, they can carry. But if you get to the 0-5 point, you can only hope you're allies carry, and if they are flaming you, you seriously question why you are wasting you're time with a stupid electronic game on the internet. TL;DR SC2 doesnt give stalkhome syndrome and make you grind new accounts for more and pay more RP for rune pages....
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