Really worth a 25 game chat ban...?

Let me point out, all three of these games had horrendously toxic and troll players in them. Some of the worst (and most persistent) trolling I have experienced on my few years playing. Telling people to die of cancer/family too for someone calling out mistakes; junglers inting solidly for 20/25 minutes for his mistakes. You all know what I'm talking about, we've all experienced it. Now bearing this shitty few games in mind, here is my chat log for the 25 game ban. Game 1 Pre-Game BlackFrankWhíte: supp Post-Game BlackFrankWhíte: you've all seen it before BlackFrankWhíte: someone ragequits BlackFrankWhíte: and the other players just cry to afk BlackFrankWhíte: you mate BlackFrankWhíte: from 2 minutes BlackFrankWhíte: "its pointless ff" BlackFrankWhíte: "im done" (had someone afk at the 2nd minute, the mid and jungler proceeded to cry from that second minute about opening, throwing and afking themselves. Didn't even react to them during the game, didnt beg for them and the ragequitter to be reported.) Game 2 Post-Game BlackFrankWhíte: great carry bro BlackFrankWhíte: mlg (all I can remember from this game was a toxic premade botlane that kept telling me they would carry me, they didn't. I typed that at the end of the game. Too toxic? let me know..) Game 3 Pre-Game BlackFrankWhíte: supp BlackFrankWhíte: nah you didnt BlackFrankWhíte: or troll supp? BlackFrankWhíte: im supp mate ;) BlackFrankWhíte: you're the troll Post-Game BlackFrankWhíte: go outside karma BlackFrankWhíte: play on the road (had a player steal my support, i called first, he instalocked.. i had a bit of a joke and went adc regardless. He proceeded to troll/steal cs and feed, then run to other lanes for the rest of the game. Admittedly as you can see, I told him to go play on a road, which isn't nice. But yeah..) I am sorry, I really don't see what is wrong with these chat logs. Sure I was toxic to get myself into a 25 game ban in the first place, but if these three games determine this ban. I am not overly impressed. And if previous punishments linger with you forever or for a longer period of time then riot should admit to their elo hell and keeping naughty players trapped together on an island. (Suggested but they have always said they never did it ^^)
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