worst community ever. just google it

this community is by far the worst thing i've ever been a part of. i've dedicated seven years of my life to this game; the community and the player base never change. despite trying to 'reform' after being labeled 'toxic' by some random people who hold absolutely zero authority in life (which isn't good for anyone's mental health for that matter, having to deal with trolls and not having any means to defend yourself less the 'tribunal' take action against you for defending yourself). it's how those players give meaning to their lives after failing at school, or just being an overall dysfunctional member of society. it's good to know that despite having matured as a person, gamer, and LoL player that the community is still impossible to get along with. if you're not part of a 'select' crowd, then expect random, needless punishments that don't justify any of the situations that they arose from. troll feeders, verbally abusive players in champ select, the witch hunters, and the kids running around on the rift trying to make the game harder for you to win because they think it's funny; they all exist and they exist in numbers. this community is not healthy to be a part of. riot games is interested in banning your account once it has reached a certain age, and value (be it through champions or skins). when either of those numbers are hit, expect the trolls to flock in numbers. they don't make money from players who already have everything, or all of the things that they want from the game. so as i stated before, if you're not part the 'in crowd' expect to be punished for it. toxic community, toxic company policing a toxic community (actually scratch that, because they don't even police us, they let the trolls in the tribunal police us instead of doing actual leg work for the community). in b4 the 'u mad' 'pass the salt' 'butthurt' comments. this community will only take away from you as a person and if you can get away from it before you become addicted i highly suggest you do so. they give zero regard for you as a person, or your personal well being. they'd rather see you hang than help you stand up. thanks again for nothing riot. as always, your biggest fan ~~ ps. after having my first account permabanned 5 years ago, i have not donated a single cent to this company. there is no security in your league account. i've read a lot of these tribunal cases and the vast majority of reports are from teenagers/young adults still adjusting to chemical imbalances in their brains, acting overly sensitive. the community also operates on the 'if i can't attain that goal then neither shall you', which is why so many people remain in bronze silver and gold, despite having potential to climb much farther than that. as i stated before they'd rather hang you, than help you reach your full potential. this community is ridiculously poorly behaved. be it from the 'gg ez' disrespect, to the blatant 'kys' comments; this community will make you hate yourself, and despite you changing, it will always remain the same.

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