Honestly this is the most toxic season I've played in yet...

Tonight I've had 2 intentional feeders, a racist/homophobic flaming team mate in EVERY SINGLE match tonight, 3 rage quitters, and someone straight up role stealing then intentionally losing the lane/game. Submitting a ticket is WAY too much burden on the player to try and pray to the gods that a player MIGHT get looked at. And yes, we all know the classic "just report them and move on" but for real, punishments need to start being slapped on with LP loss, lowered LP gain during restrictions, a we REALLY need it stepped up in the intentional feeding/afk department. It takes way too many games to trigger a review in those kind of situations. I get that it is harder for Riot to track them over abusive chats, but its getting to the point that its not even worth trying to be a positive player when it means literally nothing more than a half-assed skin at the end of the season(This doesn't punish dishonorable players at all, I would doubt they care). I would ditch ever getting a skin if it meant getting an increase in player bans. The current system is just a breeding ground for toxic players to get away with their actions as long as they don't say mean words in chat, and that isn't enough to deal with it.

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