Just got my second account banned for toxicity, wtf riot

My first account got banned because is used the word %%%got, and it wasn't even directed at anyone. my second got banned because i was complaining about the new champ {{champion:142}}. I think we can all agree she is cancer, didn't even insult anyone and now my account is perma banned. Over the past few months i have received numerous account suspensions and chat bans, most of them were deserved, but it just seems like i can't use chat without getting a suspension, most of the time i'm not insulting or flaming anyone, i'm just using derogatory words, its just how i normally talk, and i haven't had any problems talking to people in the real world. apparently i'm in the 0.006% of people who get banned, but i find that hard to believe seeing as the boundaries for getting banned are so easily crossed, riot needs to find a better solution, i don't understand why they just perma ban your account when the problem is toxicity, why don't they just chat restrict your account indefinitely. doesn't make any sense. I feel so robbed, luckily i haven't spent money on this game, but i have spent about 2 years on it, just for them to take it away because of the way i talk. smh riot. also i want to apologize to the person who did my support ticket when i couldent log into my account, if for some reason they come across this post. when i asked if they could unban my account, they said toxicity bans are permanent, and I said "my bad i didn't realize this is fucking North Korea". not mad at you, just the fact i got banned, sorry.
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